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Jerry Miller, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (LP), began his career as a middle school teacher for gifted children. Finding that he most wanted to help those children struggling in his classroom, he entered the University of Michigan to earn his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Since graduation, he has been on the faculty of the University of Michigan, teaching courses on adult, child and marital difficulties. In addition, he has been the Faculty Coordinator of a very large undergraduate service learning course at the University, Project Outreach, since 1988 (for which he received the Rosalie Ginsberg Outstanding Faculty Member award), and was the Director of UMís University Center for the Child and the Family for 16 years. While there, he trained hundreds of graduate students in contemporary child and family mental health practices. He has worked with a very wide range of clients: children, teens, adults, couples, college and graduate students and families. He has always had special interests in anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, marital difficulties and gifted children. He has tested approximately 2000 gifted children, and supervised the testing of over 1000 others. He is currently the primary admissions tester for Emerson School, an independent school for gifted and for academically talented students in grades Kindergarten through 8. He has, in addition, worked with many people with learning and attentional issues, and the families of children with developmental delays or mental illness. He has provided supervision to many professionals in the community, and consulted with a large number of schools and social service agencies.

Insurance Information: Dr. Millerís services are covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many other insurance companies.

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